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Our fantastic community members added us to this community page for listing on @COBINHOOD . They want to see how much our community may support us. If you believe in Bitcoin Private, please go ahead and show your support!

Please be aware of websites and accounts that try to impersonate us! is our ONLY official website! All official resources will be found there or on our official Github: https://t.co/ywPokmhdx3

Bitcoin Private

Bitcoin Private is a hard fork of Bitcoin combined with the privacy of zk-snarks.


The fork has finished! Read the following reddit post to get started:

Image for the Tweet beginning: The fork has finished! Read

The snapshot for Bitcoin Private has taken place at $BTC block height 511346. All KuCoin users who had their BTC in KuCoin exchange will receive BTCP in their accounts in the following days. Thank you for your support.

Image for the Tweet beginning: The snapshot for Bitcoin Private

The long-awaited $BTCP snapshot has occurred. The block height for $ZCL is 272991
and the block height for $BTC is 511346

Image for the Tweet beginning: The long-awaited $BTCP snapshot has

.@BittrexExchange has announced they will be crediting #Zclassic holders with #BitcoinPrivate!

I spoke to @richiela and he said the ZCL withdrawal issues are nearly solved. It was due to miners depositing their ZCL directly into Bittrex. This is bad as all z-protocol coins need to go t > z b4 being used otherwise and Bittrex does not use shielded txns.

KuCoin is preparing for the upcoming potential Bitcoin hard fork with the following procedures:
Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Official Website: https://t.co/WsUFw5gAcd

Thanks for your support
KuCoin Team

Our whitepaper is ready for release! To our knowledge, this is the first Bitcoin hardfork whitepaper. Read the whitepaper here:

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