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Did you know @zooko will be speaking in #Bangalore on 28 March? Register now to book your spot! https://t.co/a3BJw4m53t

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3/ In 2018 #ICOs will wane in popularity, while fundraising mechanisms similar to what @zcashco did in 2016 will resurface in force.

1/ The work with the Zcash Full Node Wallet and Electrum for Zcash has resumed after halting a week or so due to unforeseen events. Highlights the danger of relying too much on only one person. I encourage anyone who is interested to contribute to the community. @zcashco

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Weekly update - March 16: preparing for next week's testnet activation of Overwinter; progressing on fixes to include in the upcoming 1.1.0 release; participating in Hack In The North & MIT Bitcoin Expo this weekend

March 16, 2018 - Weekly update

Overwinter testing & 1.1.0 This week, time was spent focused on diagnosing and reviewing the findings from a simulation of the Overwinter testnet act...


Hey Infosec twitter, @ZcashCo needs to balance out its cryptographic engineering with some good ol' fashion hackers^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Information Security Engineers. Awesome team, amazing tech, wack industry.

When talking about #blockchain, #bitcoin and #cryptocurrency it’s important to think of USERS: think of the challenges and how to improve usability. Thanks for bringing the subject up, @zcashco #moinblockchain

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Welchen Einfluss hat #UserDesign auf die Nutzung von #cryptocurrencies? Fragt Linda N. Lee / @zcashco bei der #moinblockchain
#blockchain #blockchaintechnology #cryptocurrency #womeninblockchain #UserExperience #womenintech

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Three takeaways from Linda N. Lee @zcashco
Good UX is key!
There is still a lot of work to do.
Build for everyone!
#blockchain @cofound_it @eVmoinworld

This week @matthew_d_green explains what is Zcash and how it is different from Bitcoin.

This interview is an important read for anyone who cares about cryptography and the future of anonymous transactions.

Blockchain Insider: Matthew Green – Portia Burton – Medium

Dr. Matthew Green, a cryptographer and security technologist, has twenty years of industry experience in computer security.


The BLAKE2b hash of my #powersoftau contribution:
6f2bfecd 1a379246 1a0a4dec 936fccc8
55f97200 d8797912 5eb561dd 1b98d4f0
2e3ed576 27933295 a51d71e1 81863945
cb70d2cf 83f3a3b9 646155fa 0e28d3ac
Thanks @zcashco for sharing this amazing MPC, I threw some NYC noise in there 😉

The blake2b hash of my #powersoftau round response 1b657e0cfed6fd3e504d57143c6569b6644efcecaf4ef3ef573bdcc1b8bd44add9e8890111cec479bb6ea06f9d020623708f63461c2fdc4b72dba494cb38b8a9
fun night teaching strangers in a bar about @zcashco and getting them to input some randomness 🙂

Weekly update - March 9: pre-testnet activation testing of Overwinter; implementing a visual, public release/upgrade roadmap; planning 1.1.0; consolidating documentation; various community efforts

March 9, 2018 - Weekly update

Releases & Upgrades This week several of our engineers worked together on setting up a pre-testnet Overwinter activation test network. The idea here ...


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