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Just ran a successful test of @SubstratumNet node 0.2.0 on my Mac... Seeing it work.... and work fast.... oooooh myyyyy goodness..... Buying more $SUB tonight.

@udioeater and I was able to wrap up the automated exec signing continuous integration job for Linux today. Nearly got the Windows job completed but it’s being stubborn. Mac shouldn’t complain too much. This sets us up for more fun release ops work for deploys to our website $SUB

Show your #Substratum Pride on your iPhone or Android with this background image.

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Wow...this open-source stuff is wayyy more complicated than just flipping repos public. Legal stuff, license stuff, history stuff, configuration stuff, practice stuff...whew.

#CryptoNews: $SUB, the native token of #Substratum, got listed on the #Lykke #Exchange.

@SubstratumNet is an open-source network that allows anyone to allocate spare computing resources to make the Internet a free and fair place for the entire world. #NetNeutrality #whenmoon

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Hello @SubstratumNet Testers for MAC. Ensure you have a signed version of $SUB node 0.2.0 by using "codesign -vvvv -d <path to node>”

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tested @SubstratumNet 0.2.0 today. Future looks amazing for $SUB

This tech is about to redefine the internet as we know it. Jump in

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I have just finished Substratum Node 0.2.0 test on Windows 64. It worked like a charm. Go @SubstratumNet, make the web decentralized! $SUB

#Substratum Weekly Update Video 3.16.18

Here is the update video from last week. It was pushed to YouTube Friday but was missed here on Twitter.

Full Video: https://t.co/taCzmi9SpM

$SUB #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #blockchain #technology $BTC

So two small tech-debt stories are done but not merged (they have to be reviewed and approved first, which is easiest during the week). Hopefully soon we'll part out the https epic and get started on it; it's the major feature of the next release.

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