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Braydon Fuller knows about #decentralizing the cloud. He's the lead software engineer at @storjproject.
Hear him along with a whole slate of visionaries &technologists at #Block2TheFuture.
(April 4,5,6 in San Francisco)

tix*: https://t.co/RcXHZEEh2X
*special promo on VIP now

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Our friend Warren Weber put together a post on the Quantity Theory of Money for Tokens. If you are not a world-renowned, PhD economist like Warren, and you need a TL;DR, check out our latest blog post from @thetechcpa.

I'm pleased to announce to you, my Twitter friends, that tomorrow is my first day in my new job as Director of Engineering for @storjproject! I'm so excited. We're going to change the cloud storage game forever!

SOLD OUT! All-star lineup for #blockchain event includes @storjproject's Lead #DataScientist Patrick Gerbes, @Acuity_co's @TheTechCPA, @Holland_Knight's Joe Dewey and @veradyinfo's Nathan Eppinger https://t.co/sJrbQ3KBlP

Image for the Tweet beginning: SOLD OUT! All-star lineup for

SCAM ALERT: Accounts spoofing Storj Labs are claiming to be giving away SJCX tokens to users through various social media channels. We are not doing any token give aways of STORJ or SJCX at this time.

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