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Wondering how technology should help in an age of hacks, fake news, and wide-scale utility outages? Check out @paulsnx2's SXSW panel with @BoozAllen "Trust in the Age of Misinformation": https://t.co/ikbpl31FsI #SXSW2018

Image for the Tweet beginning: Wondering how technology should

Special thanks to @factom, @ConsenSys, and @Georgetown for joining us at #SXSW to discuss using #blockchain & the tech community to drive truth in an era of uncertainty and #fakenews


Image for the Tweet beginning: Special thanks to @factom, @ConsenSys,

Representing @factom at #DCBlockchain @ChamberDigital. We are about to kickoff the speaker sessions.

Image for the Tweet beginning: Representing @factom at #DCBlockchain @ChamberDigital.

Enjoyed giving a presentation on cyptocurrencies and blockchain to the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS) yesterday. Thanks to Texas General Land office for being such great hosts. A great deal of discussion of the audit power of blockchain. #factom #blockchain

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