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I tested today the #ETHLend new upcoming #GUI on #CIPHER mobile #DAPP browser and I got goosebumps. So beautiful, so easy to use. I love $LEND and #Ethereum #blockchain. Our team is producing an amazing #FinTech product. Cant wait for release!

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Huge interest around #ETHLend in #Narobi World #Blockchain Summit. Was nice to meet $LEND holders from token sale who are waiting for new updates. Lot of interest towards #Ethereum #SmartContracts #lending and #FinTech. #Africa is going huge on #cryptocurrencies during next 2 yrs

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🎉BREAKING NEWS: ETHLend Reaches Record Breaking — Over 6,000 ETH Lending Volume. For more details and lending statistics: https://t.co/HxNlMHHRTj

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🌏Find out where ETHLend team is heading next! #SanFrancisco #Moscow #SantiagodeChile #NewYork #Amsterdam #Zug #CryptoValley #Milano #London #Nairobi

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🇰🇪This week the ETHLend team, represented by Stani Kulechov, CEO and Anastasija Plotnikova, Business Development Manager, are participating at the World Blockchain Summit in Nairobi, Kenya. Come and join us! https://t.co/LeQG0MveWl

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Once more about the #Tether killer: I just wanted to propose on how to save #cryptocurrency market from the next upcoming disaster affecting directly the +2 billion $USD $Tether market cap and indirectly the whole +350 billion USD #cryptocurrencies market cap.

.@ethlend1 provides the ability to borrow finances in places that do not have any banks through a decentralized and a secure financial marketplace that operates on #blockchain and smart contracts.

Meet the makers of @ethlend1 at #WBSNairobi.



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🔥How to Create a Tether Killer with Smart Contracts? Find out more and comment on how to build the next Tether Killer: https://t.co/VmaQtrlRMZ

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How to make damn good #blockchain products or #dApps on #Ethereum? First, have a community of early adopters. Then, collect the feedback, improve, deploy, repeat the cycle over and over. The key is not being afraid of feedback and to perform changes. Listen and observe. $LEND

Partner Roundup: @ETHLend1 enables anyone to participate in a global, instantly accessible & liquid lending market using cryptocurrencies and ERC-20 tokens as collateral. They will be integrated BloomID and BloomScore, and feeding data back into BloomIQ.


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Tip about collateral calling in #ETHLend. Borrower, if you get burned by the collateral call, which means that your token value is 1:1 ratio compared to the loan amount. You can heal your position by purchasing the same amount of token back with the #ETH you borrowed.

🇪🇸 Roadshow in Spain: Last week ETHLend traveled to Spain to explore decentralized lending applications and meet with Spanish community, thank you to everyone who attended Here is the recap: https://t.co/wuDXGj6DTl

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